The first thing that strikes a reader about Luke Browns Gold Farming Guide is the immensity of the work done to it. It’s packed with more than 170 pages of detailed information, the eBook is more like a compendium or encyclopedia of profitable techniques than a straightforward wow guide. It also has the most professionally designed format for a gold farming guide currently available on the market.

Designed with a game-like layout and script to make the eBook look like dialog and textboxes within WoW, there is no question that Luke Brown has taken his time putting together an excellent piece of writing (which he continues to update for each major change in the game through expansions or updates). In truth, a lot of the guide reads from almost a first-person perspective, practically walking you through each step of the methods discussed, including plenty of the multi-step quests included in the Burning Crusade growth and found only in the Outland zones.

The writing is entertaining and definitely informative, given how much energy Brown spends on covering so many aspects of the game. In truth, there’s so much material included that Luke Brown’s book is actually an over packed compendium of ideas on making wow gold.

For example, inside 20 pages you could hop from timing auction sales to quests found in the Darkmoon Faire, back to auctions, then to grinding, then to uber-items, a side trip on precise dungeon bosses, and back to auctions again but this time on pets. You’ll never run out of gaming ideas to read for a while given how comprehensive the WoW Gold Farming Guide is.

wrath-of-the-lich-king-logoBrown as an author clearly takes his time giving a player the exact details on how to go about express gold farming methods. Unlike some guides, he doesn’t just give you a general idea and leave you figure it out once you get to the specific WoW location. Instead his book walks you through each step and the obstacles or puzzles you may face in different variations. As an instance, in one step concerning purchasing and reselling auction items, Brown makes it clear what items to use the technique on, where to sell or not, and even what day of the week is the best time to maximize sales and profit. So there is no short shrift of the reader’s money being spent on this guide.

The guide also comes with an additional segment on the best places to grind (combat monsters), an auctioneer guide with auction-specific tips, and a fishing guide too. All are downloaded in PDF format and Brown’s web site takes both Paypal and major visa cards for payment.

I highly recommend Luke Browns Gold Farming Guide. If you need to make lots of gold in WoW using intensely effective and legitimate methods, then you really can’t go wrong with this one. A must have for every hardcore World of Warcraft gamer.

My Professional verdict for Luke Brown’s Gold Farming Guide: 4.5/5.

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